The Mueller Report Litmus Test

3.22.19_Mueller Report Litmus Test_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

Want to spot the difference between the two parties? Watch what happens once the Mueller report is released. For liberals, most will view the evidence Mueller presents as the most thorough and fair look at Trump and Russia that we’re likely to get. We’ll accept that the investigative powers available to Mueller and his team are superior to that of media personalities and columnists. 

If the Mueller report ends up disappointing us because it fails to prove collusion or indict Trump on the multiple crimes we suspect he’s guilty of, I don’t think there will be a large left-wing outcry that continues to insist Mueller got it wrong and that we know the real truth, before taking to our chat rooms and our talk shows and continuing to press the case that Mueller was corrupt and in the pocket of the Republican Party all along. Instead, we’ll accept it and hang our heads as the Republican Party quotes from the Trump-vindicating Mueller report line by line.

Now, imagine what’s going to happen if Mueller comes back with a report that Trump supporters don’t like. If Mueller’s got the goods on Trump, and the next step is criminal charges and/or impeachment, suddenly very few Trump supporters will accept Mueller’s word at all. They won’t see the report as legitimate evidence of Trump crimes. The vast majority of Republicans will see it as evidence of Deep State corruption and that Mueller is just part of the larger plot to take down Trump. They’ll start chanting “Lock him up!” Because one party is largely fact- and reality-based, and the other is an evidence-be-damned personality cult.