Thomas’ Muffin

By Bill Maher

I don’t like to judge anyone by who they marry. Sometimes opposites attract, or even flourish. George and Kellyanne Conway. James Carville and Mary Matalin. But what are we to make of the fact that Clarence Thomas’ wife is a right-wing nutjob?

Ginni Thomas is not your typical Supreme Court spouse. She recently spent an hour at the White House with a group of D-list conservative castaways giving Trump their thoughts on why transgendered people shouldn’t be in the military, why women shouldn’t be in combat, how gay marriage is destroying the fabric of this country, and a host of other issues you thought people had gotten over in the mid-90s. After Obama took office in 2009, Ginni founded a non-profit conservative political advocacy group called Liberty Central with $550,000 from two undisclosed conservative donors and has since made a name for herself as a lady who’ll forward you just about anything she sees on Facebook. She’s your crazy Republican uncle’s even crazier wife, except she happens to be married to a Supreme Court Justice. Who is supposed to be, you know, not crazy. Hopefully. All we know about the guy is that he doesn’t talk.

Did I mention that in the early 80s, while working as an aide on the Hill, Ginni Thomas once belonged to a cult? It’s true. She got out, but now she believes in liberal voter fraud conspiracies and that Obama and Hillary were wiretapping Trump and that she’s a warrior in the fight against leftist tyranny and the “cultural Marxists” who want to “extinguish our rights.” So it’s good to see she’s come back to reality. 

I guess I’m just old fashioned. I think appearing non-partisan is an important part of being a judge. Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing gave us a taste of just how ideological a Supreme Court Justice can be.  

What do you imagine the dinner table conversation is like in the Thomas household? 

“Honey, could you pass the peas? Which we will no longer have once that Ocasio-Cortez girl turns us into Venezuela!” … “Oh, Ginni. I love you.”