Benny and the Debts

1.30.19_Benny and the Debts_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

As we head toward our next big recession — which, as you may recall, I am personally organizing with the help of the Illuminati and George Soros — I thought I’d lay out some crumbs for my Reddit followers so they can cash out of the market before it tanks. Like this one: for the first time in history, the $100 dollar bill is the most popular US bill in circulation, beating out the $1 dollar bill, according to the Federal Reserve. Just 10 years ago, it was less common than both the $20 and the $1. But now, the Benny reigns supreme.

We’re entering into the period we always toy with right before the music stops and there aren’t enough chairs to go around. It’s that period of imbalance, where the taxes have been cut for everyone at the top, they’re raking it in, and while the people at the bottom are employed, they’re not getting anywhere. They’re the ones holding the $1 dollars bills. The economy is working for the guys with the $100s.

No, this doesn’t feel like 2006-2007, where everyone was suddenly “real estate rich” without having created any value. But isn’t it starting to feel a bit like the late 80s, early 90s, when a recession helped make Poppy Bush a one-term president? Does anyone think Donald Trump knows the price of milk?