Knee Market

By Bill Maher

A Massachusetts mom-and-pop jewelry store put up a billboard with a “take a knee” pun. The lefties found it racist and the owner received death threats. The Garieri Jewelers billboard features a man kneeling on a football field and proposing to a woman with a caption that reads, “If you’re going to take a knee this season, please have a ring in your hand!”

9.23.18_Knee Market_GARIEARI BILLBOARD.jpg

Source: Garieri Jewelers Facebook 

Now I’m not a big fan of puns, but liberals have reportedly threatened to vomit on the store’s showcases and urinate on the sidewalk outside of it. One person wrote to the owner’s daughter, who conceived the ad campaign, and said, “Why don’t you just kill yourself?” Storeowner Scott Garieri told The Washington Post, “We want to sell engagement rings. We’re selling love, not hate. We were never wanting to be offensive, it was always meant to be satirical.”

 When did liberals become the death threat people? Leave the death threats to the alt-right, who employed them after Sarah Huckabee Sanders got 86’d from a gastropub. Trump recently told evangelicals that liberals were a “violent people.” Don’t give Trump ammunition to back up this lie.

Backlash for the billboard came the same week that Nike released its Kaepernick ad campaign. Nike’s sales surged 31 percent in the days after releasing its divisive ad, which liberals loved. Why is it okay for Nike to make a buck off the kneeling controversy and not some mom-and-pop jewelry store?