How to Trump Trump

By Bill Maher

Last week Trump said he’d meet with Iranian President Rouhani anytime, with no preconditions. I’ll spare you the giant list of Republicans who claimed Obama was dangerously naive for proposing talks without preconditions, who now think this is a great idea. I don’t have the space. Instead, I’d like to recognize what the Iranians clearly have, which is how to drag the United States of America and it’s man-child president around by its nose: 

1. Threaten the United States, with lots of apocalyptic talk about our fiery demise. This will make Trump tweet back at you IN ALL CAPS! 

2. Arrange a one-on-one summit meeting with President Trump.  

3. Give Trump some token gesture that let’s him imagine he’s won, and watch him claim credit for averting WWIII. Then you can continue your nuclear program.

Done. That’s the playbook, and you don’t even need to steal it. It’s in the public domain. North Korea was first. Iran will be second. Does anyone else want to have a go?