By Bill Maher

When Republicans get into office, we always have numerous examples of people being put in high positions who have no relevant experience, and no idea what they’re doing. Bush had people like Michael Brown, Monica Goodling, and, you know, George Bush. He tried to put Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court.

Trump’s staff is full of frauds and neophytes that have already become infamous, but here’s someone that, by design, you probably don’t know: His name is Steve Howke. Steve is a Senior Advisor in the Interior Department, and, according to The Guardian, American climate scientists have been complaining about him lately because all the funding for their research projects now has to undergo a political review conducted by Steve Howke. 

And what expertise does Steve Howke have in climate science, you might ask? Well, none. In fact, he doesn’t have any expertise in any kind of science. Or politics. Steve is one of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s high school football teammates. He’s got a bachelor’s in business administration, and has spent his entire career working in credit unions. And now he’s in charge of telling climate science their science isn’t worth funding.

Seriously? A former buddy from your high school football team running climate science grants? This feels like a sequel to Revenge of the Nerds called Revenge ON the Nerds, where Ogre turns the tables on Lewis, Gilbert, and Poindexter when he shuts down their grant funding.

Why is it that every time we put Republicans in office, they demonstrate how unserious they are about governing?