By Bill Maher

I was scrolling through the Fox News website the other day (nobody said knowing your enemy was fun) when I came across this headline:


Fox News, no. Hell no. We’re not doing this. You can’t suck up to the BLOAT (Biggest Liar of All-Time) and then critique the newcomer for getting a couple facts wrong. You know what? We’ll critique A.O.C. for getting her facts wrong, and we have. Because we still have credibility on the whole “facts matter” issue. You, on the other hand, can’t say dick about anything until you own up to what you’ve done. This is like Trump acting shocked because Melania met another guy for coffee. 

When you have your reckoning, and admit how far off the rails your party has gone, and apologize, and come back to some basic version of reality, then you can contribute to the discussion of who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Until then, stick to what Trump and QAnon tell you. We’ll handle the rest.