The "S" Word

By Bill Maher

Democrats aren’t really going to make this election about showing off how open we are to the word socialism, are they? How we can differentiate the good kind of Denmarky socialism from the bad kind of Venezuelish socialism? A recent headline at the top of the Huffington Post read: “Dear Boomers: It’s Time to Revisit the ’S’ Word” complete with a picture of a teacher pointing to the word “Socialism” on a blackboard.

We’re acting like it’s the name of a sexual orientation that we have to make Republicans comfortable with. Why? Is this really the hill to die on?

Elizabeth Warren is taking a different approach. She’s saying she’s a “capitalist to my bones” and expressing her support for markets. She’s just saying markets sometimes fail, and require guardrails and regulations to keep them functioning properly. And yet she shares a lot of the same policy opinions as Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

“Medicare for all” and a $15 dollar minimum wage fall just fine within the parameters of the Democratic Party. Why not just call yourself a Democrat? What does “Democratic socialist” get you?