Guest List: August 3, 2018

The Interview:

Malcolm Nance is a career U.S. Counterterrorism Intelligence Officer and author of "The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin's Cyberspies are Undermining America and Dismantling the West."

Twitter: @MalcolmNance

The Panel:

Steve Schmidt is a former GOP political strategist and Co-Host of the new “Words Matter” podcast, premiering Monday, August 6. He recently renounced his Republican Party membership in protest of President Trump’s forced family separation policy at the border. Schmidt served as a Senior Advisor to Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign and was portrayed by Woody Harrelson in the HBO film, Game Change.

Twitter: @SteveSchmidtSES

Kristen Soltis Anderson is a columnist for the Washington Examiner, Political Contributor for ABC News, and co-founder of the polling firm Echelon Insights. She recently wrote that the only thing that could hurt Trump with his base is showing weakness.

Twitter: @KSoltisAnderson

Charles Blow is a New York Times columnist and author of "Fire Shut Up In My Bones: A Memoir." He recently wrote about the possibility of former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen becoming a cooperating witness in the Robert Mueller Russia investigation.

Twitter: @CharlesMBlow

Mid-Show Interview:

Nancy MacLean is a Professor of History and Public Policy at Duke University and author of “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America.”

Twitter: @NancyMacLean5

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