How Far We Done Fell

7.23.18_How Far We Done Fell_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

In any other administration, Wilbur Ross would be a household name. He’d also not only be fired, he’d be so fired, and yesterday. He’d be synonymous with scandal. Like Scott Pruitt. But ask Americans who Wilbur Ross is and they’ll probably say “Wasn’t he that pitcher for the Cardinals?”

No, Wilbur Ross is Trump’s Commerce Secretary. And it turns out Wilbur owned a stake in a Kremlin-backed shipping firm, but didn’t disclose that to anyone when he took the job. Nor did he tell anyone about his assets with ties to the Chinese government or the Russian-tied Bank of Cyprus. But wait, there’s more! Recently, Wilbur got a call from a couple New York Times reporters and learned that they were preparing a negative story about his dealings with the Kremlin-backed shipping firm, so before the story broke Wilbur shorted the stock and made a quick $100,000 to $250,000.

Now, I know there are no rules anymore, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do that. Then again, Ross knows that with Trump stealing all the headlines, who is going to notice the appearance of insider trading by the Commerce Secretary? 

I mean, did you?