The Church of Partisanship

6.27.18_The Church of Partisanship_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

We’ve all seen the studies that show a decline in the number of Americans who belong to an organized religion, and the rise of the “nones.” But people need to believe in something. Plus, if the Trump era has proven anything about the religious right, it’s that what they really believe in is an authority figure, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Jesus, the megachurch pastor, or Donald Trump. 

What worries me is what seems to be replacing religion in America is politics. And not issues, or policy, but politics. I’m no fan of faith, but I’m not sure that’s an upgrade.

As always, and with everything, this is something that occurs on both sides, but is really much more of a problem on the right. They way they follow their leaders, no matter what they say, or how counter it is to what they profess to believe, is getting kind of scary. There’s about 33 percent of this country that you couldn’t pry away from Trump with a crowbar. It’s not belief. It’s faith. It’s a God-like devotion to a man who doesn't even believe most of the things they said they believed four years ago. And not just any man, but Donald Trump

I never thought I'd say this, but I think it's time for America to put their faith back in Jesus Christ.