If Not a Wall, What?

6.19.18_If Not a Wall_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

Over 50,000 desperately poor and uneducated people were apprehended trying to get from Mexico to the United States in each of the last three months. Picture the entire population of Macon, Georgia on foot. That’s a lot of brown people, especially if you’re General Kelly, and you think one is too many.

So what do we do? The Trump plan is to terrorize them until Congress coughs up the money for a wall. The Democratic plan is… we don’t know. But not that.

But I wonder if the border is where we should be stopping people. We spend about $75 billion a year on spies. (That’s the National Intelligence budget plus the Military Intelligence budget – who knows what’s in the black budget.) Why can’t the CIA install some governments in Central America that make it livable enough that people born there might want to stay?

You don’t have to make America great; just make Honduras okay. I’m not saying make Mexico a paradise; we just have to make it as good as Laredo.