Guest List: June 15, 2018


The Interview:

George Will is a NY Times bestselling author and syndicated columnist who recently wrote about President Trump’s negotiations with North Korea over its nuclear arsenal.

Twitter: @GeorgeWill

The Panel: 

Rep. Karen Bass is the Democratic representative of California’s 37th congressional district. She recently introduced The Health Insurance for Former Foster Youth Act, which would ensure health insurance coverage continuity up to age 26.

Twitter: @RepKarenBass

Margaret Hoover is a CNN Contributor and Host of PBS' "Firing Line with Margaret Hoover."  She recently wrote that Congress and Republicans should resolve tensions over LGBT freedoms, rather than leaving it to the courts and executive branch.

Twitter: @MargaretHoover 

Michael Weiss is a Daily Beast contributor and co-author of "ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror."

Twitter: @michaeldweiss

Mid-Show Interview:

Billy Eichner is an Emmy-nominated host of “Billy on the Street” and an actor in FX's "American Horror Story." He is the creator of "Glam Up the Midterms," which aims to raise awareness of the 2018 election among young voters.

Twitter: @billyeichner

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