You Debt Your Life

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By Bill Maher

Democrats are reportedly trying to figure out what to say about Trump’s tax cut, which is largely unpopular because people understand that billions went to the banks and corporations, whereas for regular people the “cut, cut, cut” amounted to “dick, dick, dick.” But that’s the problem Democrats are facing: how to sell that to voters who already believe it? They’re already convinced, but can we convince them? Best to just keep quiet and hope nobody brings it up, I guess.

Well, I’m here to help. Democrats don’t want to get lost in economic arguments about the tax cut, like that the economy didn’t need more stimulus.

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The world economy is doing fairly well (for the time being) and this chart from the IMF shows how just about every country is using those good times and increased tax revenues to pay down their debts. Like you do with your family - when times are tight, you spend less, maybe borrow more. But when times are good, you pay off credit cards and loans and get your financial house in order.

Except, that’s not what America is doing under Trump. We’re not getting our house in order during the good times. We’re charging even more on the credit card. We’re spending out the wazoo. We’re the only country on this graph that isn’t being responsible. Because Republicans are, as my friend Arianna used to say, “pigs at the trough.”