By Bill Maher

Rudy Giuliani has a new TV show. Or so it would seem. Every day he’s on TV doing his job, which is to throw as much rhetorical poop at the Mueller investigation to see what sticks. If he hasn’t already, he’ll soon join the 99% of people who have worked for Trump and lost their reputations because of it. (The only person who seems to have somehow emerged okay is Nikki Haley.) 

Rudy also knows he can say just about anything, because Robert Mueller and his team don’t talk to the media. “The special counsel’s office has told me that they think Trump is completely clean, and the most honorable president in history! Also that his golf game is impressive and he farts potpourri.” 

What I truly enjoyed was Rudy’s recent back and forth with Chris Cuomo, where Rudy was pushing the idea that a sitting president can’t be compelled to testify, and then Cuomo played back that video clip of Giuliani saying the opposite when the president in question was Bill Clinton. Rudy promptly freaked out: “That’s really unfair! That’s extremely unfair what you’re doing right now! This is the reason people don’t come on this show!” Actually, the reason they don’t come on the show is because it’s CNN, and other than a few people in gate 23B, nobody is watching. But it is the reason Republicans never venture out of the right-wing bubble. Because Steve Doocy isn’t going to play back that video clip. Steve Doocy can’t even work the remote. Best to stay on Fox News, Rudy.

But it’s funny. I remember Tim Russert doing this to politicians on Meet the Press all the time. He’d show a politician a recent quote of theirs, then a quote from the past that showed them taking the opposite position. Then Russert would say, “That was you, Congressman. Three years ago. What changed?” In fact, if there was a complaint about Russert, it’s that he broke out this trick just about every week. 

This is how degraded this Party has become. Rudy gives us a window into what a Trump Republican think journalism is for: letting politicians get their message out without being questioned, challenged, or having their hypocrisy exposed. Is the Republican position that a journalist pointing out a politician’s hypocrisy is now considered  “unfair”? I thought that was the job.