Stop Calling Trump a Mob Boss

5.2.18_Trump_Mob Boss_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

James Comey (LEAKER!) says Donald “Fat Donnie” Trump reminds him of a mob boss, and it’s hard to shake that image once you see it. The vulgarity, the venality, the obsession with loyalty and respect, the machismo, the idiot offspring. Except it took a certain amount of physical courage to be a mob boss (at least on your way up) and when Bugsy Siegel’s casino failed, he didn’t seek protection from his creditors in bankruptcy court – Lucky Luciano had him shot through both eyes.

“Mob Boss” is too grand for Trump. He never ran a crew. He ran a hospitality concern. He’s a mobbed-up restaurateur who dabbles in politics. He’s Jack Ruby.