Guest List: March 9, 2018


The Interview:

Kathy Griffin is an actress and comedian and will soon be continuing her World Tour with dates in the United States and Canada. 

Twitter: @kathygriffin

The Panel: 

Erick Erickson is a conservative radio show host, founder of, and author of "Before You Wake: Life Lessons from a Father to His Children".

Twitter: @EWErickson

Ana Navarro is a CNN contributor and longtime Republican strategist. She joined The View as a guest co-host this past Monday, where she explained why she voted for Hillary Clinton.

Twitter: @ananavarro

Trae Crowder is a comedian also known as the "Liberal Redneck" who will be will be performing next weekend in Minneapolis at the Pantages Theatre and Fargo at The Fargo Theatre

Twitter: @traecrowder

Mid-Show Interview: 

Bari Weiss is a Staff Editor and Writer for the Opinion section at The New York Times.

Twitter: @bariweiss

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