Dem Fatale

3.6.18_Dem Fatale_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

Donald Savastano was a New York carpenter - and a good one - who, like so many other decent, hard-working Americans, was barely getting by. He was in debt, had no savings to speak of, no retirement plan, and couldn't afford health insurance. Not lazy, not a taker - just a good guy living in wealth-gap America doing the best he could. Then Don won $1 million in the New York State Lottery and he lived happily ever after. I'm kidding. He's dead now.

After claiming his prize, Don told the local news that he wanted to get a new truck with his lottery winnings, pay down his debt and invest in his future. But first, he did something he hadn't been able to afford for a long, long time - he went to see a doctor. The doctor diagnosed Don with stage four cancer - something that probably could have been treated if it had been discovered earlier - and he was dead within three weeks.

DACA is important and so are transgender bathrooms - but this is what Democrats should be running on. They should be shouting from the rooftops that Trump and the Republicans are creating millions more Don Savastanos by taking away the working poor's health insurance and using that money to buy sailboats for the rich.

Remember when the Republican tax bill passed and Trump bragged, "We have essentially repealed ObamaCare"? That's because the tax bill kneecapped Obamacare's individual mandate and, as Newsweek reported, "Without the mandate, health insurance premiums would rise 10 percent in most years over the next decade on the individual market and 13 million people would lose coverage by 2027… Scrapping the mandate also saves $300 billion over the next ten years in subsidies, providing savings to fund corporate tax cuts."

Is this really so hard? Why can't Democrats sell willing-to-work, wealth-gap-pummeled swing voters on a living wage, a resurgence of unions, affordable healthcare, reasonable tuition prices and the über-wealthy paying their fair share in taxes?