An Inconvenient Study

3.16.18_An Inconvenient Study_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

A few years ago, during the horrific anti-business period known as the Obama administration, regulation ran amok. Among these meddlesome edicts was a rule that said if a restaurant owner pooled servers’ tips, all of that the money had to go back to the wait staff. The Trump administration wanted to do away with that rule, because they know what makes businesses go vroom vroom. 
So, the Trump administration commissioned a study to show that the Obama regulation wasn’t needed, because obviously all of those tips would be given back to the wait staff anyway, right? So why should government get involved, people? The free market is benign and just.
Well, according to Bloomberg Law, the study came back and found that workers could lose billions of dollars in tips if the Obama rule was rescinded. And what did the Trump Labor Department do with that study? They ordered the staff to revise the methodology so that that number wouldn’t be such an eye opener. Subsequent calculations still showed losses in tip income, just less. Apparently that wasn’t good enough, so the White House ordered that the study be removed from their report altogether.
I remember this crap from the Bush years. It was the beginning of the end of basing policy on observable reality instead of ideology. But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of favoring owners over lower income workers. After all, it’s the Republican raison d’être. It’s what they do.