Not Fat Enough!

2.28.18_Not Fat Enough_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher 

Amy Schumer's new movie 'I Feel Pretty', is a story about a woman who struggles with feelings of inadequacy, but then gains the self-love to be the most confident woman in the world. Everyone is applauding Hollywood for replacing misogynistic and sexist portrayals of women with a message of personal empowerment. Just kidding! Amy Schumer faced a barrage of criticism after the release of the film's trailer for spreading a positive message THE WRONG WAY! 

Several sites have shared reactions condemning the movie, saying Amy isn't fat enough. Many say that casting Amy as "the ugly fat" person undermines truly ugly fat people; that casting a white, blond, "able-bodied" woman as "not beautiful" further exacerbates the problem. Bloggers maintain that only casting a true oversized person would tell a real story of how society treats people with body issues. 

This is just another example of people trying to "out-victim" each other. "My body issues outweigh your body issues, therefore you can't talk about your body issues". If you don't have it the worst of everybody, are you not allowed to comment on something that resonates with everyone? 

Women who were unhappy with Amy's casting want a truly plus-sized woman to play the part. But would that even be enough? Or will some elephant man come out and say that oversized women aren't truly representing how society treats people who have a scrotum for a face?