Suicide by GOP


By Bill Maher

Tune into national or local news on any day and you’re bound to see another sad story about murder-suicide. It goes like this: Divorced Dad doesn’t like the court-ordered financial settlement or the custody arrangements or the fact that his wife, who he used to control, is no longer under his control, so he shows up on Christmas Eve and kills the whole family and himself. 

There was an ideal, you see, a way things ought to be. And if things can’t be that way, he’s not capable of adjusting or moving on. No, the wife, the kids and the dog – they all have to die. And the house definitely needs to be burned down. 

And that’s what Trump supporters are doing to America: “If I can’t have you, if I can’t control you, if you don’t meet my ideal, I’d rather burn this motherfucker down.” They hate progressive, legalized-pot, gay-marriage, Black Lives Matter, diversity America like Murder-Suicide Dad hates his ex-wife. That’s why they support the repeal of their own healthcare and the gutting of the CHIP and Meals on Wheels programs and the withdrawal from the Paris Accord and the adoption of giant tax cuts for the wealthy and the systematic delegitimization of the free press, the judiciary and the rule of law – it’s shooting the children one by one rather than letting go of their ideal of a white, male-dominated, “great again” America.