Puppet Justice

11.9.18_Puppet Justice_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

Any responsible congress would have looked at Trump’s tax returns on day one. We might not have even needed the Mueller investigation. Late last month, Newt Gingrich was interviewed at a live event by The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty and, when asked what would happen if the Democrats took control of the House and subpoenaed Trump’s tax returns, Gingrich responded by saying that Trump would resist, launching a legal fight that would have to go to the Supreme Court. And then came the kicker. Said Gingrich: then "we'll see if the Kavanaugh fight was worth it.”  

…Thank you. There it is. He said it. They didn’t just need a conservative – lots of choices there. They needed a fixer. For so long many have languished under the misimpression that Republicans believe that some of our institutions are important because they’re not political: the Supreme Court, the Federal Reserve, the right to vote, the FBI, the CBO, NASA, the CDC, etc. Except Republicans don’t believe any of those institutions should be allowed to operate in a nonpartisan manner. In every one of those cases, Republicans are always trying to remove the non-partisan parts, and rejigger everything so it serves their particular partisan interests.

Newt Gingrich finally came clean about why Schlitz Kavanaugh was Trump’s pick to be on the Supreme Court — so that he could run political interference for President Trump. That’s why the fight was worth it. Other judges would just be reliably conservative, but Kavanaugh would be reliably partisan. And that’s what today’s Republicans demand from our non-political appointees.