When Deficits Don’t Matter

By Bill Maher

Here’s something that now holds true for every presidency dating back to Reagan: when a Republican is in office the deficit gets bigger, and when a Democrat is in office the deficit shrinks. Reagan ran up the deficit. So did Bush I. Then Clinton lowered it so much we actually had a surplus for a little while. Then Bush II ran it up again, in addition to crashing the economy. Then once Obama had stabilized the economy, we began lowering the deficit, and now Trump is raising it again.

Republicans are not the party of fiscal responsibility. They’re the max out the credit card party. They’re the payday loan party. They stimulate the economy in two ways: cutting taxes for rich people and going on a spending spree. Then the Democrat gets elected and has to clean up after their party.

Trump is presiding over a sound economy, with very low unemployment, and yet he’s still running up the deficit. Now he says he wants to do a big new tax cut, which would run it up even more. Does anyone actually imagine this is going to end well? And does anyone think it bothers Trump one iota knowing it’ll be the next Democratic president who’ll have to clean up his mess? To him, that's a feature, not a bug.