You Are Who You Do

By Bill Maher

Much has been made about the notion that, if Dr. Christine Ford had behaved as Brett Kavanaugh had during the Senate hearing, the reaction would have been quite different. Because a man is permitted to act in a number of ways, whereas a woman in that situation has to behave in a very particular way. But there was a different level of chauvinism on display last week that fewer people noticed. Senator Hysterical himself, Lindsey Graham, said of Michael Avenatti, “The lawyer to porn stars has just taken this debacle to an even lower level.” Orrin Hatch added, “Porn star lawyers with facially implausible claims are driving the news cycle.”

Okay, our president stuck his dick in a porn star. And probably more than one. If being a legal representative to a porn star makes you suspect and gross, what about the guy who cheats on his wife when he sticks his dick in one without a condom? How does he get a pass for wanting a porn star and raw-dogging a porn star, but the woman who is a porn star is beneath contempt? On how many levels do we have to count Republican hypocrisy? 

Both Graham and Hatch are there to support our “porn star president.” I guess that makes them fluffers.