The Liars Club

By Bill Maher

How are Democrats supposed to compete with a party that’s not constrained by reality? Sure, there’s gerrymandering and voter suppression, but the biggest disadvantage Democrats face is that they still need to back up their claims with facts and Republicans don’t. They can just lie.

Republicans would have us believe that they’re the party of protecting people with pre-existing conditions, even though the facts show that they’re the party that actively votes for the opposite. They’re the champions of Social Security and Medicare, even though they’re openly working to dismantle both. They’re the good-economy party that’s delivered massive middle-class tax cuts, even though the tax cuts indisputably went to the rich and corporations. They’re the party of border security and crime prevention, even though “the wall” is plainly a con and Democrats have a glowing record on both of those issues.

Trump has won. He’s muddied the waters of what’s true and what’s false so effectively that his side is going to believe whatever they’re told to believe. Most Americans aren’t following politics. They don’t know Ted Cruz from Penelope Cruz. They don’t know, nor are they interested in, the science of climate change. They don’t know which party serves their financial best interest. They think Brett Kavanaugh is the Atlanta Falcons back-up quarterback. They’re proudly uninformed – or, worse yet, have mistaken their feelings for facts. All they know is that Nancy Pelosi is the devil, liberals want socialism, and who got sent home last night on The Voice

Are there enough rational independent voters out there to give sway to the truth and save us? Or are a majority of Americans going to stand around stunned, watching this slow motion implosion of a republic?