College-Educated White Women

10.25.18_College Educated White Women_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

I really hope the Democrats take Congress in a couple of weeks, but I’m petrified, after two years of Trump, that the polls don’t show them running away with it. It’s the same feeling I had in 2016, when Hillary never opened up a lead, week-after-week, on the single worst living asshole in America, galumphing around the country saying stupid shit.

I’m also petrified that we’re pinning our hopes on college-educated white women. Ivanka is a college-educated white woman. Last week, she tweeted (and then deleted) this:

10.25.18_Ivanka Tweet.jpg

First of all, this is almost perfectly meaningless. It’s just a Mad Libs of coffee mug success words:

The secret of fighting for change is building on the old without losing focus on the new.

The focus of secrets is changing the energy of the new to build on the old.

The building of focus is changing the old into energy.

Second, it’s not Socrates. Which she’s never read. It’s a character named Socrates in a self-help book called Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which she’s also never read. This white woman graduated cum laude from Penn. We could be screwed.