Due Process for Me, Not for Thee

By Bill Maher

How about this for a New Rule: Republicans, you can’t preach about due process for Brett Kavanaugh, and all the other young boys who now live in perpetual fear of being falsely accused, and then start chanting “Lock her up! Lock her up!” I know love is a wonderful thing, but so is self-awareness. 

It just goes to show how there is no intellectual standard anymore. Everyone works backwards from “How do I defend my side, and attack the other?” It doesn’t matter that Brett Kavanaugh, the guy who wrote about the need to pick through every detail of Bill Clinton’s private life, piece by embarrassing piece, screamed at Democratic Senators for taking that exact same approach. Hypocrisy, inconsistency, saying one thing and doing another, accusing someone of something you’re guilty of — it’s all legal in the new partisan environment.

If this were a marriage, the counselor would have already told us we’re helpless, and to get a divorce. Because these days, just about every political argument could be argued from the other side, just as easily, if that’s the side we were assigned.