The Lyin’ King

1.8.18_The Lyin King_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

“We have him.” That’s what attorney Leslie Abramson says in Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders when a witness says one thing on the stand and she finds an audiotape of him saying the exact opposite thing to a reporter. He was caught in a lie and she had him. Back then – the 90s – when you got caught in a lie, there were consequences. That was it. They had you. You had to recant or apologize or crawl away in shame.

Not so anymore. Trump lies with impunity and there’s no “getting him.” He lied about Obama “wiretapping” him. He lied about what he said to that grieving widow, he lied when he called his tax plan a “$4,000 raise” for each American household, and he continues to lie repeatedly saying, “We’re the highest taxed nation in the world.” Or remember healthcare? He lied saying he was going to “cover everybody” with much better benefits at much lower costs. After his lies are exposed, does Trump say, “You got me – I lied”? Does he say, “I misspoke,” or, “I was misunderstood”? No. He just keeps telling his disproven, wanton lies with no consequences.

Facts no longer matter. The truth no longer wins out. An apple is a banana. Catching someone in a lie no longer means you “have them.” The game of politics has moved to a battlefield where the only currency is your feelings and what reinforces your already-held opinions. If Democrats are still relying on facts and credibility to win the day, they’re using outdated weapons and armor.