Donald Trump Really Cares About Black People

By Bill Maher

9.29.17_Trump Cares About Black People_IMAGE_V2.jpg

Remember when the worst thing Kanye West could say about the president was that he didn’t care about black people? Donald Trump cares a lot. He thinks about black people so much you wonder how he has time to golf. The last Republican president who thought this much about how black people should live was Lincoln. I don’t want to throw around words like “racist,” but I think Trump voters would admit that they think about black people, and how black people should behave, more than they think about food and shelter.

I think we can take away one useful, solid, concrete truth from Trump’s week spent calling black athletes sons of bitches: Here’s the 100% foolproof, self-diagnostic home test of whether or not you’re a racist: If you think Donald Trump’s not a racist, you’re a racist.

And I promise myself every morning not to get sucked into Donald Trump, Shock Jock-in-Chief, but it’s pretty amazing that he wrote this tweet in 2013:

President should not be telling the Washington Redskins to change their name-our country has far bigger problems! FOCUS on them, not nonsense.

He’s doing it on purpose, right? A guy that stupid can’t accidentally always be a perfect hypocrite. Someone’s gotta be keeping track.