Trump’s Real Base

By Bill Maher 

Trump’s real base isn’t the white working class; it’s relatively well-off white guys who don’t know anything.

The New York Times recently interviewed a bunch of small business executives in Toledo, Ohio, and their confidence is soaring.

Bob, president of a local car dealership, says, “My gut just feels better. With Obama, you felt it was personal — like he just didn’t want you to make money. Now we have a guy who is cutting regulations and taxes. And when I see my taxes going down every quarter — well, that means I am going to start investing again.” What is this numbskull talking about? He runs a local car dealership. Trump hasn’t done anything for him yet, but Obama saved his entire industry.

Louis, owner of a small business that makes control panels for large factories, says of Trump, “That guy is a junkyard dog, doing his tweets at 3 a.m. and taking on the news media — I just get strength from him. And I have to say, it makes you feel gutsy — ready to step up and start investing again.”

Politicians always glorify the small businessman as the bedrock of American ingenuity, but a lot of them are just greedy pricks who want no taxes and no regulation, and I fear their support for a reckless president will drive us into another reckless recession.