Get Ready for Trump to Take Credit For Defeating ISIS

3.2.17_Trump Defeating ISIS_IMAGE.jpeg

By Bill Maher

The Fox News headline reads, “Pentagon sends White House preliminary plan to defeat ISIS.” This comes after President Trump requested a month-long strategic review of the failing Obama policy, which clearly wasn’t tough enough. Because everyone knows that Democrats are wusses who won’t go after ISIS where they live, amirite?

And what did the Pentagon come up with? According to the LA Times, “…U.S. analysts said they don’t expect the new plan to differ dramatically from the Obama administration’s approach.” In other words, tweaking the existing plan, but not really changing it. Since we were already heavily involved, but not willing to commit ground troops, what we’ve been doing is pretty much all we can. However, now our Boy King has a manila folder labeled “The Plan - TOP SECRET” and feels like an important man.

And when ISIS eventually falls, because of a years-long strategy of patience, aerial support, and using Iraqi troops first, is there any doubt he’s going to say, “See? I rebuilt the military and took the gloves off, and now ISIS is defeated. Yay me!” And is there any doubt that his followers will believe him?