Is Our Children Learning?

By Bill Maher

Over two terms in office, the Obama administration pumped billions of federal dollars into the nation’s worst school systems through a program called School Improvement Grants. Well, per the Washington Post, a new federal report finds that all of that money “failed to produce meaningful results.” Schools that received the federal money had the same test scores, graduation rates, and college enrollment levels of the schools that didn’t receive any money. 

Two things: why is improving American student achievement such a hard nut to crack? We’ve tried all sorts of things, and none of it seems to make much of a difference. Secondly, if The Huffington Post ran a headline that said, “Trump to cut billions from Obama education plan,” liberals would be up in arms. But wouldn’t that be the right thing to do? After all, we’re supposed to be the science- and data-based people. If Obama’s program didn’t work, shouldn’t we cut that funding? Or do we like wasting that money because it makes us feel good?