When the Levee Breaks

2.16.17_When the Levee Breaks_IMAGE.jpeg

By Bill Maher

Liberals are using the Oroville Dam situation as a way to stress the need for more infrastructure spending, and they have a point. But I think there’s another point that’s worth making, something that the Steve Bannons and Stephen Millers of the world don’t understand: governing isn’t all fun stuff, like yelling at Mexicans and trying to steer the nation into World War III.

Lots of it — most of it, in fact — is boring stuff that nobody cares about and isn’t going to make for a great debate on cable news. Like allocating money to maintain a dam. Like updating the pipes in Flint, Michigan. Like modernizing air traffic control. Obviously, to say it’s boring doesn’t mean it’s not important. It’s almost always more important than what’s being hotly debated on cable news. (What kind of First Lady will Melania be??) It’s boring, and uncontroversial. That’s why bureaucrats handle most of it.

But it’s also a symptom of how dysfunctional our system has become. We can’t even do the boring, uncontroversial things anymore. And only government is going to do them.