There’s Always Money for Rich People

11.17.17_Money for Rich People_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

It’s funny how whenever someone suggests the government spend money to help regular people – by increasing social security benefits, for example, or providing free college tuition – it’s always dismissed as a pipe dream. “We just don’t have the money,” the smart people tell us. Yet nobody bats an eye when the Senate decides to increase military spending by $80 billion, which they recently did, even though that’s nearly twice what it would cost to make every public college and university in the country tuition-free (the estimate for that is around $47 billion a year.)   

Another example: Chris Christie offered Amazon up to $7 billion dollars in tax breaks to build a facility in Newark. Don’t you think the people of New Jersey could use that $7 billion dollars? Will Amazon go broke if they don’t get the tax breaks?

And yet in her new book, Hillary quotes a Facebook meme (probably from Russia) of Sanders saying, “I think America should get a pony.” Like he’s some kind of nut. Yet everyone in America could get a pony – if Amazon and the Pentagon weren’t hogging all the ponies.