Fox, Meet Henhouse

10.17.17 Fox Meet Henhouse_IMAGE.jpg

By Bill Maher

In Donald Trump’s mind, there’s no nobler thing a man can do than fleece suckers out of their money. That’s business. And that’s why it came as no surprise that he appointed for-profit education advocate Betsy DeVos to head up the Education Department. Kids have to go to school, school is a service – why isn’t money changing hands?

It’s also no surprise that when DeVos was looking for someone to head up the Department’s Student Aid Enforcement Office – the watchdogs who are supposed to protect education consumers from fraud – she chose Julian Schmoke, a former official at DeVry University. If DeVry sounds familiar, you may remember it as the for-profit “college” that the Federal Trade Commission made pay out $100 million for defrauding students. As Consumerist puts it, “In short, the Department of Education has now hired a guy who spent much of a career at a for-profit school busted for fraud… to head the department that helps determine which for-profit schools need to be busted for fraud.”Fox, meet henhouse.

Just days after Schmoke’s appointment was announced, it was reported that  “the Department of Education will no longer work with the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to root out bad players in the student loan servicing arena… Betsy DeVos… recently notified the CFPB that her department is ending years of formal cooperation combating student loan fraud.”

When rich people want to send their kids to college, they just write a check.  The middle-class kids get some help from their parents and take out student loans for the rest. The poor see ads on TV for scam diploma mills like DeVry or Trump University and put themselves up to their eyeballs in debt, only to wind up with no job prospects.

You’re supposed to get screwed in college, but not by your lender.