Does Truth Still Matter?

By Bill Maher

The first presidential debate is going to take place a mere three days after tonight’s show, and as much as the election is a referendum on decency, the debates will be in some ways a referendum on truth. As in: Does it matter to voters? Does it matter to the media?

One game that Trump and his people will definitely continue to play is the rancid false equivalency they invoke between Trump’s catalogue of proven, ridiculous, un-retracted whoppers and Hillary’s modest (and long-since retracted) carefully parsed fibs. To do this you have to drastically inflate the importance of the STATE SECRETS she was sharing over emails, as though she was broadcasting the nuclear codes or leaking the trigger phrase that activates Secret ISIS Agent Obama.

Trump and his camp are already badgering the media to be “fair” about this, and by that they mean that Hillary’s sins against truth have to be presented as roughly equivalent to Trump’s. Even though they’re not, not even close. It would be ludicrous for an objective media to give in to that nonsense. And I’m betting that they will.