The Negativity Bias

By Bill Maher

Last Tuesday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech attacking Donald Trump on the economy. The three cable news networks went to it live, and it got front-page coverage in newspapers.

The next day, she gave a positive speech outlining her own economic plans, and nobody paid any attention. She detailed ways to attack wage stagnation, make benefits portable for the increasing proportion of contingent workers, expand Social Security, curb child care costs, deliver debt-free education at public colleges and fair and equal pay, Zzzzzzz…. 

At the end of the Republican primary, Marco Rubio pointed out how he gave detailed policy speeches for months, but nobody in the press paid attention until he said Trump had a tiny cock, and then he started getting more media coverage.

We live in paradoxical times when, if you want to be a serious contender, you have to join the circus.  

It’s not just about candidates, either. On Sunday, Iraq’s army officially retook Fallujah from ISIS. ISIS has now been kicked out of everywhere in Iraq but Mosul, and that’s happening soon, too. But shhhh! Don’t tell anybody. How else will they wet their pants?