Guest List: May 27, 2016

The Interview: 

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a Democratic presidential candidate who has represented Vermont in Congress since 1991. Sanders served 16 years as the state’s sole congressman in the House of Representatives before being elected to the Senate in 2006. He won re-election in 2012 with 71 percent of the vote. 

Twitter: @BernieSanders

The Panel:

Michael Moynihan is a columnist at The Daily Beast and a Contributor at VICE News. He was previously Senior Editor at Reason magazine.

Twitter: @mcmoynihan


Melissa Harris-Perry is the Editor-At Large for and the Maya Angelou Presidential Professor or Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University.

Twitter: @MHarrisPerry


Wayne Allyn Root is a former Vice Presidential nominee on the Libertarian ticket and the author of The Power of Relentless. He is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump for President.  

Twitter: @WayneRoot

Mid-Show Interview:  

Scott Adams is the creator of the “Dilbert” comic strip and author of How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. 

Twitter: @scottadamssays


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