Tow and Behold

By Bill Maher

A South Carolina tow truck driver and Trump supporter took “religious freedom” to a new level when he was called to tow a stranded disabled woman’s car off the highway, arrived to find she had a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker, and then just left her there. He told the local news that it was because “the Lord came to me, and He just said, ‘Get in the truck and leave.’” Oh, I get it. The Lord is a prick.

More and more in this country, we’re seeing so-called Christians being not so much righteous as self-righteous and using their “religious freedom” as an excuse to be an asshole. I have to ask, “Who’s more like Jesus – this tow truck driver or Bernie Sanders?”   

I don’t profess to know, “What would Jesus do?” But I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t leave the lady with fibromyalgia stranded on the side of the road.