World’s Greatest Democracy Not That Democratic

By Bill Maher

The Supreme Court preserved the principle of “one person, one vote” this week, rejecting a conservative proposal to allow states to only count the white votes. It was a unanimous decision, although Scalia dissented from his casket. 

This case got me thinking: “one person, one vote” – we have that in this country? Coulda fooled me. Because that’s always our principle, but rarely our practice.  

Look at Arizona’s recent primary election – people were waiting in line past midnight. Why? Places like Maricopa County, where Joe Arpaio is America’s Stupidest Sheriff, cut the number of polling places by 70 percent after the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act. There was one polling place for every 21,000 voters, according to The Arizona Republic.

Really? In America? Why, for national elections, do we let states make up their own rules? Why can’t we vote on Saturdays? Why can’t we have automatic voter registration once you turn 18, rather than making people go through hoops to register? Why do we let politicians pick their own voters every ten years, in what we call gerrymandering? Why does Wyoming get one senator for every 290,000 people, while in California, we get one for every 19.4 million? And stop saying Trump University is the worst college in America – that’s the Electoral College.

You need a Ph.D. to understand the arcane rules of each party’s delegate allocation system. Yes, political parties are private entities that can do whatever they want, but is it any wonder they came up with this rigged of a primary system when our democracy is so generally undemocratic? Hillary won Nevada on Election Day, but at the state convention last weekend, Bernie’s people were better organized, so screw the voters. Cruz did the same thing to Trump in Louisiana.  

How about we get rid of delegates, superdelegates, and state conventions, and replace them with nationally supervised elections where the winner is whoever gets the most votes? Too radical?