Shrink Resistance

By Bill Maher

Fox News has been pushing their new special pretty hard lately, complete with red headlines on their website to impart the frightening urgency of the issue:

Hmm. Rising threats, shrinking military. Half true, but that’s pretty good for Fox News. Yes, military spending is down since we stopped fighting those two wars. Officially. For the most part. But are the threats to this country rising? Seems to me that terrorism, even ISIS, is a smaller threat than the former Soviet Union. So I’m going to go with “not rising.” And even if they are rising, are these the type of threats we need a bigger military to counter? Since I don’t think we should re-invade the Middle East, I don’t think so. I think we need less military spending, not more.  

My question is: is Hillary Clinton going to make this case for me and liberals like me? Is she going to stand up on that debate stage against Ted Cruz or Donald Trump and say we need to learn the lessons of our costly misadventures in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya? Or is she going to say exactly what they are going to say: some version of, “We need the rebuild the military to make it the strongest, most lethal fighting force the world has ever known.” I’m guessing the latter.

…In case you’re wondering, that’s why so many of us are for Bernie. Because that’s the case he would make, and that’s the choice he’d give to voters.