You’re Not Electing a President – You’re Electing a King

By Bill Maher

When you hear the “Why bother?” complaints from frustrated would-be voters, motivated voters will often point to the Supreme Court and say, “Sure, Congress might be dysfunctional and nothing gets done, but don’t you want your side picking the Supreme Court nominees?” At least that’s what they said back in the day when Congress was functional enough to vote on Supreme Court nominees. But this is exactly wrong. Yes, nothing will get done in Congress as long as the Party of Cockblock is running it. But that only means that everything that does get done will be done by the President via executive order or new regulation. In the new ballgame, the President is the only player on the field, and the Supreme Court is the manager. And I’m not just talking about foreign policy and starting wars. Congress completely removed themselves from those decisions long ago. Because they’re cowards who only want to support something when it goes right and blast something when it doesn’t. The president is now more like a king and all change flows through him, or possibly her.  

Take what just happened with “corporate inversions,” which is where companies pretend to be based overseas in order to avoid U.S. taxes. Lots of people on both sides of the aisle agree that our corporate tax structure is a gigantic mess, but even with widespread agreement that something should be fixed, nothing has actually gotten fixed. This leads corporate America to seek other ways to lower its tax bills, which is what corporate inversions are all about. Since the Obama administration has no hope of getting corporate tax reform through Congress, it simply had the Treasury Department issue “new rules” that made corporate inversions almost impossible. Just like the administration regulated carbon emissions through the EPA. Or changed how immigration laws would be enforced by the Department of Homeland Security. And on and on. None of these changes happen under a President Cruz, but lots of others would. Like rules about letting polluters pollute for free and keeping transsexuals out of women’s bathrooms.

Look, I hate when candidates say that “this is the most important presidential election of our lifetime.” Because they always say that. But when the president is the only one in control of foreign policy, war policy, and what laws are enforced and how, isn’t the presidential election more important now than it used to be?