Citizens United Hasn’t Been a Big Deal So Far

By Bill Maher

Hillary Clinton’s new attack line is to say that Bernie Sanders should stop making campaign promises he can’t keep. Which makes it funny when she talks about getting a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. 

Repealing Citizens United is part of any Democrat’s stump speech. It’s a real crowd pleaser. However, despite predictions of doom, it really hasn’t made much of a difference in this election, has it? All we seemed to have learned about the big donors is that they’re not very good at picking winners.  

Democracy, it turns out, is something that needs to be crowdsourced. It didn’t matter how much Sheldon Adelson liked Scott Walker, or a small bunch of multi-millionaires wanted Jeb Bush. The voters didn’t, and they still have the last say. …At least for now. I’m sure the billionaires are working on a plan to convince the rubes that voting is for suckers and, really, why bother? “So from now on, only the job creators get a vote!” (Republican audience cheers their own disenfranchisement.) 

And now that Hillary Clinton – no stranger to seven figure donations herself – is the likely Democratic nominee, we’re seeing Democrats who used to decry the influence of big money in politics out there making the case that big money isn’t so bad when Hillary gets it. Which is special.

So far, Citizens United isn’t the disaster Democrats predicted it would be. Its only real effect seems to have been as a stimulus program for the political media consultant industry.