Voter ID Laws Are Working As Intended

By Bill Maher

In states with new voter ID laws, The Huffington Post reports that Democratic turnout is down 37 percent, as opposed to only 13 percent in states that don’t have them. Republicans are saying, “Mission accomplished.”

The people who are most likely not to have IDs – college students, the poor, minorities, the disabled – are Democrats. So Republicans took advantage of their historic majorities in state houses to push through a ton of photo ID laws in recent years. This might be the worst thing Republicans do – and it’s an evil genius move, because voter ID laws are generally popular, even among Democrats, and even among 65 percent of black voters. Do those black voters know they’re contributing to disenfranchising other black people? Of course not. This is systemic racism at its most insidious, when racist intent is invisible but racist results are undeniable.

It’s also why liberals owe a thank you to Donald Trump, because he says stuff that more people can tell is racist. His policies aren’t that new. He and Ted Cruz have the same immigration policy. In fact, Cruz accuses Trump of “amnesty.” 

Isn’t the way Trump talks better than muted code about “inner city cultural problems,” “welfare hammocks,” “states’ rights,” “takers” and “food stamp presidents?