Sext Offenders

By Bill Maher

A school in Newtown, Connecticut is in the news, but this time not for a tragic shooting.  At least not with a gun.  Some kids at the high school there got to texting and Snapchatting each other naked pictures of themselves, as kids of that age will sometimes do, and some of the nudey photos got circulated, as pics of that type always seem to do. And now there’s been some arrests.

According to CNN, “Three male juveniles were arrested Tuesday night and charged with obscenity, transmitting or possession of child pornography by a minor as well as felony counts of possession of child pornography and obscenities as to minors, according to Sgt. Aaron Bahamonde of the Newtown Police Department. It's unclear whether the juveniles have attorneys.

I remember that scene from the movie “Porky’s” where the boys drilled a hole in the locker room shower wall to peek at the girls showering. Not all those girls were seniors, so I assume some were under 18. While that definitely was not right and a violation of privacy, I don’t remember a scene later in the film where the boys were prosecuted for “obscenities” and put on a registered sex offender list for life.

And in this case, and with this new technology, these aren’t teens who are being surreptitiously observed without their knowledge. They’re voluntarily getting dolled up and sending cheesecake photos of themselves out into the Twittersphere. They had some part in drilling that Porky’s hole.

The law has to keep up with technology. Can’t we separate irresponsible, horny teens from flashers at the park trying to lure girls into their van?