Donald J. Trump, Poet Laureate

By Bill Maher

Everyone enjoys Trump’s 3:00 AM tweets. But the part I enjoy most are the final words he always gets in at the end. Like when he tweets, “The person that Hillary Clinton least wants to run against is, by far, me. …she will be swamped!”

So I went back using only tweets he’s written since the beginning of the year and strung together all of Trump’s varied insults into one poem. See if you can get a sense of the maturity level of the man the Republican Party wants to be president. This poem is called “Sad” by Donald J Trump:

Very few listeners - sad! Lies never work! His polls are way down! Puppet! Dumb as a rock!

Really dishonest reporting! Low energy guy! Big problem! Sad.

Sad! Not going to watch anymore. He should go home and relax. He is a nervous wreck. He can’t beat me! 

Hypocrite. They own him! Not much of a reformer. Sad.

She’s so average in every way. Who wants to woo her?

She is third rate. A total dummy! How stupid, how desperate! Not believable. Highly unethical. Whoopi Goldberg is terrible. 

Very Sad.