Hey, We Actually Won a War

By Bill Maher

President Obama never used the words “War on Coal” – his enemies did –but he should have, because that’s the only war America has won lately.  

From Jonathan Chait in New York Magazine:

In 2009, 523 coal plants operated in the United States. More than 200 of them have since shut down, displaced by natural-gas plants, which emit half as much carbon dioxide… Only one coal-fired plant has been green-lit since 2008, and new regulations make it virtually certain that no coal plant will break ground in the United States ever again.  

China is also kicking coal’s ass. In the last Republican debate, Marco Rubio said, “America is not a planet,” dismissing doing anything about climate change because we can’t do it alone. But that talking point is so yesterday. Everybody’s on board: China, Europe, the Pope, who has serious influence in Africa, parts of which are rapidly industrializing. The only ones in the world holding us back? People like Marco Rubio. 

The victory in the War on Coal proves that with a little government leadership and international cooperation, we can start to heal the planet. Hillary Clinton has always been hawkish – her mission should be to open a new front, the War on Oil.