Why Do We Even Have a Labor Day?

By Bill Maher

Tom Brady played football last night because he had a union fighting for him and his collective bargaining rights. Otherwise, he would have been at the mercy of his employer. Shouldn’t more Americans have that type of bargaining power in the workplace?

The last union coal mine in Kentucky has been shut down, bringing an end to a hundred years of hard-fought union organizing. The coal companies argue that workers today have everything they organized for – higher wages, health care, safer conditions – so unions are obsolete. It’s the same argument I saw in a video Target shows new employees: oh sure that union stuff was important in the olden days, but now they just take your money for nothing!    

Of course it’s a specious argument – unions are far from perfect, but collective bargaining is always preferable to no bargaining.  

In related news, Wal-Mart is reopening five stores it closed earlier this year because of “plumbing issues,” although the real reason seems to be that workers at one of the stores, in the L.A. neighborhood of Pico Rivera, were trying to organize, so Wal-Mart shut the store down to punish them, and shut down the other four as a cover story.  (As if it’s normal for five stores to be shut down at once to fix the plumbing.)

The laid-off workers can apply for their old jobs if they want. But clearly the message is: don’t try that crap again or you’ll be out of work for another five months. 

Oh, and speaking of the Pico Rivera Wal-Mart, there’s a video on YouTube headlined, “Inside Jade Helm Pico Rivera Walmart!” with footage of empty store shelves, with the implication that obviously the stores are being emptied of normal merchandise so they can be used to corral US citizens during Operation Jade Helm.

This is how brainwashed the working class is in America: Wal-Mart, our largest employer, is openly screwing over its employees, and instead of being outraged over that, they’re freaking out over an imaginary plan by Obama’s Army to enslave all the white folks.