The Party of No(thing)

By Bill Maher 

“Repeal and replace with something terrific.” 

While some people are scoffing at Donald Trump’s new healthcare plan, which he outlined last week as above, it’s worth noting: It’s pretty much as detailed and workable as any of the other Republican candidates’ plans. And it’s not just healthcare. It’s becoming clear that the upcoming campaign is going to be Hillary’s detailed, wonkish proposals versus… um… that feeling you get when you look at the flag. That look on the face of a little leaguer hitting his first home run. Mom’s mac n’ cheese. Something terrific.

Across the board, “the party of no” has doubled down and become the party of nothing. There’s opposition to Obama’s Iran deal, but there’s not a single plan out there to replace it. Even though it’s clearly about as good a deal as could be negotiated, Republicans instead favor… nothing. Demand “more,” and if you don’t get it, then… what? Invade? Cry? Nobody’s saying.

On financial reform, on climate change, even on issues that they’re passionate about like immigration, there aren’t any solutions deeper and more practical than “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” When candidates talk about “market-based solutions” and “stronger leadership” as answers to complicated problems, we know what they’re really saying: Something terrific.

There are realities to be dealt with. Obamacare is the twice-confirmed law of the land. Iran is a sovereign nation that is not going to disappear. Eleven million illegal immigrants cannot be deported. Sooner or later one of the candidates is going to have to stand up and say what he’s actually going to do with those realities. And he can be assured of one outcome: He’ll lose.