Scott Walker’s War on Freedom

By Bill Maher

Wisconsin Governor and presidential hopeful Scott Walker has not only proposed cutting the budget of the University of Wisconsin by $300 million dollars – he’s also trying to get rid of tenure protection for professors. I guess because tenure = union = bad. But tenure is crucial to academic freedom; it’s the only guarantee professors have that they can teach and conduct research without having to kowtow to the whims of whoever’s writing their checks.   

And beyond that, once tenure is eliminated in Wisconsin, no professors of any competence will want to teach there, the schools will instantly be downgraded to third-class status, and prospective students will instead go to colleges in Minnesota. Talk about brain drain.   

It’s a classic case of Republican dogma getting in the way of reality. Walker – a college dropout – has such a hard-on for showing he’s tough on tenure that he’s trashing his own state’s higher-education system, and that’s a pretty odd way to promote yourself as presidential material.